Friday, September 14, 2012

Dream Kitty

Sitting here on the couch, working on revisions while I wait for my car to come out of some repairs, I have this heated, soft, heavy little body curving around my neck and shoulders.  A pair of be-sneakered little white velvet forepaws reach out to my right - and, at the moment, no tail is flicking around my ear on the left.  Heh.

He rolled up a little while ago, back curled against the back of my neck.  Before that, he was sitting on and looking over my left shoulder.

Today I worked from home - since I have to tether to the one three-prong outlet in the room (yeah, I know - the house was built sixty-two years ago, and most of the time it works just fine for me!) and to the router, which is behind the TV, I end up with an incredibly uncomfortable workspace.  It is worst when I am particularly busy, and today I was EXTREMELY busy.  So my back, already bothering me this week, was pretty sore by the time I shut down.  I lay down on the couch, and ...

... ahh, success.  Goss curled up on my back.

I've been trying to get him to nap on my back since I got him - or at least since it's just been the two of us, when I took the other kitty back to the shelter.  He just hasn't seemed to want to do it.  But today he did.  Warm, cuddly success!

When a cat grows to full size, particularly a good sized cat - which I have a feeling Gossy will be - their body on your back stretches the vertebrae and the weight just feels so good.  Plus (in winter, at least):  so warm!

Goss is in so many ways just my dream kitty-pet.  He's snuggly as all get-out, and never protests at affection and play.  I popped him inside my hoodie earlier, and instead of struggling, he hung out for a long time, perfectly happy and nested only his silly little head peeping out.  Sometimes only his nose.

He's velvety soft - his paws, too, even his nose.  His coat has a sweet smell.  He's pretty cute, and silly and fun.

He doesn't claw the furniture; the only things I've ever seen him take a grab at are his clawing toy and a certain patch of the kitchen carpet (yeah, there's wall-to-wall in my kitchen, and it's hideous, and I don't like to talk about it ...).

He's super friendly, and socializes well.  A HUGE boon, that, particularly when his grandma comes over to scoop him up.  And a good sign, too, because ...

...  I think he might well have a new friend within the next month or six weeks.

I think October will be the month for a new dog around these parts.

It would be the ten year anniversary of Siddy's adoption.  It'll have been three months since she took her leave, my dear girl.  It is the beginning of the season of commemorations, for me.  And Gossamer is still kitten enough he'll adjust I think pretty well.  So, yeah.  October looks like dog days to me.

(Edited the next day to add this - this cat makes me laugh out loud every single day, multiple times.  He just appeared from a short sojourn in the basement festooned with cobwebs.  There shouldn't be anything especially funny about this, I suppose, but he's so boyish and wide-eyed and friendly some things just become funny because he's so darn sweet.  Laughing with a live heartbeat is the very best thing.)

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