Friday, September 14, 2012

Researching Online

Kim Rendfield and I have both written Frankish historical fiction, and it's funny - some of what she says about her research is what I have said myself - Wikipedia, scorned as it is for its own purposes, is a GREAT source for links to excellent material.  I even spent a very long period, before I ever began writing The Ax and the Vase, reading the Catholic Encyclopedia online (New Advent, which she links in her post), learning an astonishing amount I'd never even considered before about the history of my own faith (Protestant).  I've also had the experience of "did they have that then" myself - leading me into reading about brickmaking, pattern welding, textiles, even horse breeding.

In addition to this "oh neat" musing - the post itself is an interesting piece of clerical/clothing history.  Have a peek!

It's appealing and entertaining to find the commonalities and divergences we have as authors.  Have you ever run across an author's post about how they feel about, or how they do some specific part of their work you found very familiar indeed?

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