Saturday, September 1, 2012

The *Living* Room

About ten years ago - maybe even longer (I've been here eleven and some change) - my sister-in-law and I spent a couple days together here, painting my living room.  She and I have never been prone to doing lots of things together, but we had a good time bringing this house forward thirty years or so, brightening up its last paint job.

A decade later, the light, crisp blue has grown dingy and old, been dinged, and simply come to get on my nerves.  Once upon a time, it reminded me of my grandmother's walls.  But blue never has been my color.

Today, the sample of dark, warm terracotta is making promises, spread across a little bit of each wall.  Yesterday, a bright day, it was warm but not overwhelming.  Today, under overcast skies, it is dark, but not dim; reassuring, cozy, ready for winter, and ready to balance with a hint of cool - clay - too, for summer.

I've cleared the fireplace wall.  Moved the furniture, shifted all the knickknacks, cleared the decor.  I'll roll up the only rug in here right now, and make a trip to the store soon.  This is such a rich change; I am excited to see it.

It's not dark, but it's grey, and a grey Saturday, lately, is so beautiful.  Off to buy the paint - then home again, for my grungy painting clothes, for the beginning of the project.

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