Monday, September 3, 2012

Bad Author Moves

We read the occasional but pretty regular stories about ignorant unsigned authors who throw public tantrums regarding feedback on their works.  It's a lot less usual for established authors to use thin veils to scarcely obscure fake identities, with which they then bestow silly praise upon themselves and heap scorn on their peers.

It is, however, quite a good way to earn even more scorn than those shrill, bitchy noobs bring on their own heads.  So, congrats, R. J. Ellory, on a very bad idea indeed - and the contemptuous teasing, with your own identity showing regularly, over a course of four years.  All class, all the way.

Author image from The Daily Mail
R. J. Ellory.  The man who singlehandedly inspired the Crime Writers Association to introduce a code of ethics.

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