Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Line

Streaming up a little gem called Lady for a Day - it's nothing to do with Labor Day, but then I'm not especially prescriptive about themed entertainments.  I'm enjoying it very much - Ned Sparks is hilariously funny, but probably the best line so far (and I've laughed out loud a number of times less than halfway into this film) comes at his character's expense, from a butler.

"If I had choice of weapons with you, sir - I'd choose grammar."


The flick itself is one of those Depression era glowing comedies with just enough melodrama to be as close to a Chick Flick as I am capable of watching with enjoyment.  It's fun, but you do care about Apple Annie, and Warren William is typically good/bad as a bit of a crook you tend to like anyway.  It's a nice take on the Fairy Godmother role, and the film is charming to look at, too.

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