Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cute Shoes

Okay, first off - I held off as long as I could, but HOLY CRUD is the new Blogger interface awful.  And I don't just mean ugly - it's also glitchy as well.

Now that that's taken care of.  A post.

One of my better friends at work, we're going to have to call her Cute Shoes (though I am *still* learning how much more there is to her - hee), and I were chatting (instant messaging) yesterday.  After one too many Journey songs for me not to notice, we had this exchange.

D:  It is apparently Journey day on my slacker radio today
CS:  Only the Young would complain After All These Years that there is too much Journey. It's Too Late to change the station Feeling That Way you do. Where Were You earlier in the day when they were playing other bands. So you better Never Walk Away from slacker radio and listen with Open Arms and Don't Stop Believin' in Journey. 

I knew we were friends for other reasons than the shoes.  It just goes to show you - Star Wars nerds and Star Trek nerds *can* find common ground and get along ...

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