Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recently Watched

I realized I haven't updated my little sidebar details in a while, when I posted this at Historical Fiction online.  So here's a recap, some sort of mini-reviews (and a forecast on my actual work).

Netflix had sent me "The Virgin Spring" before my summer went completely haywire, and it sat for a couple of months unregarded. I just couldn't do that film for a while, but did watch it a week or so ago. It's good; I liked it better than the other Bergman I've seen, and very good histfic too.

Yesterday, watched "The Postman Always Rings Twice" - almost sure I've seen it before, but it may have been *many* years ago, so it was fairly fresh. A good film, though I'm never as persuaded by Lana Turner's performances as I am by her looks. Costume design (for her), of course, was pretty on-the-nose, but it's a good film even with the layers-of-reversals gimmick going on.

"Dark Shadows" (c. 1966) has been ideal background noise for the final stages of my revisions. I hope to complete this work this week! Will re-query the Dream Agent very soon, and begin the real process of querying at large before my annual writer's conference. I may burn off a couple years worth of episodes getting back into this!

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