Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet Liddle La

Last week, The Lolly was doing well and had a gleam back in her eyes.

Today, she is in a fourth day of just not eating, and she is weak and I am heartsick for my old girl.

Just a month ago, this was the healthiest fourteen year old pup-head in town.

Am I a weirdo ... to be half tempted to drive to my office tonight, pick up my laptop, and work from home tomorrow and Friday ... ?  I want so badly just to be here for her, even though I can't seem to do anything to actually help her.


Leila said...

Quizz and I are sending good and comforting vibes to the both of you.

Mojourner said...

Weirdo? Not at all. Work from home. Bask in the furry warmth.

Kate Warren said...

Not remotely weird. Makes perfect sense to me.

DLM said...

Now that Siddy is gone, I am so glad I did go get my laptop that night. I was able to stay with her on the 4th, and on the day after I worked at one end of the coffee table while she rested at the other end on her bed (I brought it downstairs).

Looking at these pictures is just heartbreaking now.