Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vocal Kitty, Kes Ke Se

I knew Elija was the mew-er of these two.

What I didn't know was that Solly is the one with the broken mew ... like my late, beloved Smikey-Bites.

Okay, eek.  And it's time for these two, who are so good about being handled, to get their first nail clippings.  Oiks.


Zuba said...

Get em used to weekly clipping right away with grabbing and pushing their claws on a regular.

DLM said...

By now, I've decided to take Elijah back to the SPCA and let somebody else dig on his uber-affection and adorability. He wasn't nuts about the nail thing, but Solly tolerated it fairly well.

One part of my decision is the hope that I'll be a better kit-mom to Solly alone than I would be to both of the boys ...