Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Kit

The little grey boy has a name.

Before I get to it, allow me to say that it's been unkindly astounding to me to note how freely people feel it has been necessary to share their sneering opinions about - of all consequential and clearly asking-for-it topics - the naming of a little kitten.  I got "That's different" in one snide remark and "It's not very butch" in another, and would like to go on record that anyone who feels the need to be JUDGMENTAL as regards the topic of my cat's name is hereby invited to stuff it pretty deep.  How anyone imagines there can be any need to get opinionated, particularly in the negative, about the non-earth-shattering topic of my cat's damned name, I cannot understand - and do not care to.  So stifle it, Edith, if you feel a cat needs to be studly, or if you don't get the pop-cultural joy, or for that matter any sort of new problem anyone may choose to have with it.

Because the moment it cropped up ... Gossamer's name tickled me quite to death.

For one, he's an INteresting monster.  For two, Gossamer!

For three, he is silky, velvety soft:  gossamer.

For four:  he has little white sneakers on.  Gossamer!

And for five:  he's likely to be called Mermer a lot.  And with a meow as quiet as his, that will fit him adorably well.  *Grin*

I love it.

He has said nothing whatever about how damned "effeminate" it is (Mer is a boy fully at home in his tiny neutered masculinity, and needs no snide defenders thank you).  Gossamer it is.  My little silky boy.


X said...

Yes. When I think of Gossamer, I think of old Warner Bros. cartoons. This name, methinks, is perfect.

DLM said...

Thank you, not-that-X-just-so-everyone's-clear (my X would never post other than anonymously!). *Grin*

He's snoring right now. I could die of the sweetness.

Kate Warren said...

I think that's a lovely name.

DLM said...

Thank you! He's kind of a lovely little boy.

Mojourner said...

Thanks for reminding me who Gossamer B. Cartoon is. I have of course heard commentary, but feel obliged to express solidarity with all cats by not giving a shit what human name is applied to the feline. Except Mermer. Too cutesy, the royal we shan't approve.
Maybe just skip the frivolous pet names and call him Gossamer X. Shortened to GaX maybe, which sounds like a Bill the Cat utterance. Definitely not Mermer, though. Yeah, it is that important to me, and all of civilization.

DLM said...

Oddly enough, the naming of the cat was not only not a referendum on its effeminacy, but also not a on its cutesy-ness either. It was a naming. Pretty much a one-step process, and one I'm heartily sick of - enough to have ruined his name, though there's zero temptation to go through all this judgment yet again. Thanks for your vote, but his is the only one which will fit in the box.

Mermer's vote is that we should all STFU.