Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Dena Pawling's legal and book review blog is such fun for absolutely splendid arcane info sometimes. On owning the moon. *Speaking* of the old "I've got a bridge to sell ya" joke ...

The link between mental illness and violence is promoted by the entertainment and news media.

Is spectacular violence always perpetrated by the mentally ill? (Hint: no.)

And, for our next link ... ironically, the answer is "Yes we can." The Springsteen stuff is meaningless to me, but the coda here is devastating.

(Though, in view of the Khan family saga of this week, I'm beginning to give greater credence to the theory that Donald Trump has never intended to become president at all.)

Colin Smith's blog has a really nice discussion of audiobooks (I am no good at them!) - with recommendations, if you're interested. I have to say, anything read by Tim Curry does sound good ...

... and at Donna Everhart's blog, we talked about supper. Because dinner happens at noon, y'all.

Finally, you didn't think I'd manage a Collection post without linking to The History Blog, did you? Of course not, I can't stay mad at 'em. Today, I had to choose. There was a bit about super stinky cheese ... but I thought the article about the canals under Pakal's tomb at Palenque was the obvious choice this time.


Colin Smith said...

Thanks for the link, Diane. It always makes me feel one of the cool guys to be included in your collection. Hmmm. That could sound really bad in the wrong context! :-\

I think this election cycle will help us all to appreciate a couple of things:

a) being an experienced politician is not necessarily a bad thing in a presidential candidate.

b) while our Constitution allows for literally *anyone* to become President (not just lawyers), it usually behooves those with presidential ambitions to rise up through the ranks. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, but he was Governor of Georgia before running for President. Ronald Reagan was an actor, but then Governor of California before running.

Anyway, nice collection, as usual! :)

DLM said...

Thank you!

... and the sad fact is, I had to ask myself "why does it sound bad to be a part of my collection?" ... ... ... "Ohhhhhhh. Yeah."

I'm getting old. (And loving it.)

As for politicians, we know who else was an actor first, then Governator ... and now is a shill for video games. Geez how sad is it even The Arnold seems reasonable in comparison with the The who's been set before us?

Lennon Faris said...

Hi Diane!

I'm not dem or repub, and I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but yes I think Trump must be a Democratic plant! lol

Donnaeve said...

Sheesh. I had to delete my comment b/c of a glaring typo.


Like Colin, I too, do a little preening if mentioned in your Collection! I feel special! :)

I stay away from politics. Won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

I will say Arnold in that video game commercial definitely creeps me out - for some reason!

DLM said...

YES, Donna - that ad makes my skin crawl and I can't figure it out!

And aww - I am so happy you are pleased to 'be here' as it were. I love it when y'all all come by, Reiders and beyond!!!

Lennon, my sense from the wider world of speculation about Trump's ambivalence toward winning is that he is in this, as he is in everything else, 100% his own man. I love the dems, but bless 'em, it'd be beyond their planning capability to pull off a plant. It seems like The Donald's sense of his "THE"-ness is hermetic and complete.

E.M. Goldsmith said...

Thanks for this lovely collection of blogs. Like Lennon, I don't identify politically (I hate small boxes - can't stand them, and political boxes are tiny and limiting things), but the Trump phenomenon is beyond me. Are we the butt of some galactic size cruel joke? I work with people who seriously love Trump, and get very upset with me when I tell them Trump reminds me a bit too much of the high school bully that used to stuff me in my locker. And then they stuff me back in my locker. Oh well, we have the Reef. At least, the worst that happens there is I occasionally get carted off to Carkoon. But then at least there's Colin.

Troy said...

Thanks for the links regarding mental illness and violence. :)

Troy said...

Thanks for the links regarding mental illness and violence. :)

DLM said...

Hey, y'all! My apologies for being slow to respond; I spent a bit of this week being a victim of Delta airlines (post to follow, if only so I can parse out all the events for my own benefit!) and then coordinating A Really Big Meeting, so have not been here much. It's so lovely getting comments.

Lennon, this really has become an absurdity of surreal proportions, hasn't it? I shudder to think there are people growing up not associating dignity with public service.

But yes: at least there's Colin - and you - and Donna - and EMG - and JANET!!

And, Troy, yeah. I was definitely thinking of you, including that.