Saturday, July 21, 2012


Calling new kit "Solly" is too close, I think, to "Lolly" - so yesterday, once we were alone, it began to seem to me the little fellow deserves a name just for him, not one of a series ("This week - Biblical names").

Of course, at dinner, someone said I should call him Zach, and I was struck by the song "Zaccheus was a wee little man" ...

This guy won't be this little forever - even in the week he's been here, I can see he has grown.  And I don't want to call him Zach.  (Nor even 'Cheus.)

He's an incredibly soft little lad.  Velvet is a bit twee, but something evoking his silky coat might be nice.  He's got smoky, soft coloring, but I don't care for Smoky at all.

Hah - well, maybe something will come up in church tomorrow.  Tonight, I think it'll be time to go to bed soon.

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