Saturday, July 14, 2012

Siddy Croton

Last Friday, after working from home for a second sad day, I went with my mom and stepfather to the florist where once my brother worked as a Young Punk (hee), and rustled up a Siddy-dear memorial plant.  I knew I wanted "one of those yellow and green and red and black" ones, but didn't know what it was called.  Google tells me this is a croton plant, and I really like them.

There's something Sid-ish, too, about their beauty.  Funky, bold, very different.  Strong.  It is the perfect thing to sit where her bed once sat.

Last night, the beautiful Sammy came to visit.

Because of my wonderful oldest niece - Siddy found a home, with me.

Because Siddy was so wonderful - my friend K. was smitten, and crumbled with love, and gave this gorgeous boy a home:


Zuba said...

My heart swells and breaks all at once.

DLM said...

Lot of that going around this past week and a half, Z.