Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eyes Too Big

There are five comments this morning, and I know they're pretty much about the kits, so I can't even read them before I come to this.

After losing sleep last night, thinking my eyes had been too big for my stomach yesterday, I’ve decided this is a one-cat household after all.  My thoughts had been to get one girl kitty.  When I walked into the SPCA, even being tempted by the boy kits, I still meant only to adopt one

Oh, but at the shelter they do look so small, and the two of the are undeniably cute together.

That, though, is not a good reason to affect two kitties’ lives and futures so profoundly.  I was undisciplined, and that was a bad thing to succumb to, but as mean as I feel taking one back, it would hardly be kindness to keep them both out of guilt.  It would hardly make me a better pet-parent.

So Elijah will find a new home soon.

Soloman’s name says it all:  Solo Man.  I feel really bad about it.  But Elijah deserves better than to have a pity-home.

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