Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reasons We Call Him BELOVED Ex

Easily the best response of all to the haters - my ex husband:

people dissing on that name makes me so mad I could  pinch somebody!   :)    Don't let them harsh all over your day, lady.   
PS - the cool thing about calling that cat Gossamer is that, if so inclined, you could get all street-wise and give him the nickname, "G."  For example, "Yo G!  Are you spittin' some off the hook ryhmes?"   You what I'm lay'n down....

Yep.  I knew he was one'a the good ones.  (Here's a guy whose masculinity was impugned not one whit by having a cat with me - a boy - named Gert.  Yo, G indeed.)

Also, he's the kind of cat who makes ME look hip in comparison.  My ex husband is possibly the definitive nerd from my collection.  Aww.

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