Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ben Kane - Research

Okay, perhaps not ALL my posts tonight will be about covers.  Here is a juicy post about research, coming from Ben Kane no less.

In my own work, museums are much less an option, what with The Pond between me and everything I prefer to write about.  One of these days, I do hope to take a run at Istanbul and Ravenna (at *least*!) and write the trip off.  For now, sadly, I have to depend on text in one form or another.

Another plan for the future:  developing a network of professorial and perhaps librarian contacts.  That sounds almost dangerously interesting to me, when other authors discuss those they have met ...


K.E. Skedgell said...

Yeah, I wish I had the money to do "research" in Hungary and Romania, but the internet is the best I can do. Some day, some day.

DLM said...

Many of us pre-agented/pre-published authors have dreams of movie deals and who'll play the MC. Me, I dream of just actually visiting these places, these grounds.

None of the places I have written about remotely resembles what they were 1500 years ago (or, in the case of the third gleam in this would-be postwoman's eye, 1000 years ago), but even so many still retain history - if not intact concretely, then at least in resources unavailable anywhere else. The uniqueness of place is still a beautiful fascination AND a priceless treasure.