Friday, April 1, 2011

Header, Footer

So today was the day I took off work to celebrate a year and a day (and April Fool's - har) since being laid off. I had plans, good ones - and did show up so to speak. First, a blood donation. Platelets and plasma, maybe some whole. And a trip to Goodwill; I have not donated anything there since starting at the new job (now nine months old!), and the pile was beginning to get teeter-y.

Two steps out the back door (and one down the actual steps), I took a header and made a more ungainly route to the ground than I had intended. Big box of clothes exploded on the walk. Me exploded on the walk. It was remarkably painful, and I sat for at least a full two minutes just waiting to breathe, and for the shock to subside. It was a long, sticky shock, didn't want to abate so easily.

I knew fairly quickly I hadn't broken anything. My family don't break very easily. Still, I'm in more immediate pain than I was when I last tried to sprain myself, soft tissue injury or no.

It took some time, but I did get the boxes into the car, and I drove off to go give blood. It started off well, but I think I'm going to have to discourage them from attempting to take triple donations from me. Doubles go well, but the machine gets far too overexcited about my platelet counts, and simply can't handle the process. It's like Lucy on the chocolate candy conveyor belt - but with all sorts of alarms, and a nervous needle both drawing from and pumping back into my arm.

In the end, and most unfortunately, the process was a bust (without any actual bursting of veins this time, thank goodness). Off I went to Goodwill.

Things went fine there.

I spent some time with mom, but am about out of steam on taking care of the shoe rack project I had in mind for my closet. It's an extremely simple undertaking: I just want to screw up some moulding on a piece of wall which is enough out of the way for it, and hang my heels from it. It'll also clear up a LOT of space, which would be so nice. Even with getting rid of as much as I did today, I have a lot of clothing in my life, and it would be nice to use the space available for organization for those things, instead of the shoes now occuping some of it.

Anyway, so a day off is always good, but this one got a bit cramped (or sprained) with sorta-obstacles. *Pleh*

I think I'm going to watch the last season of Buffy (if Netflix hasn't disabled that yet), and later on it'll be Cukor's "The Women". The first time I ever watched that was on a gorgeously beautiful, seasonable day last year - March 31 - as I absorbed my unemployment.

This year, it is cold, nasty, and grey ... and I am so grateful, blessed, and fortunate.

Life is a good place.

If you're careful descending steps with big boxes in hand.


Leila said...

Do the Broads need to mobilize? April 1st is not a day to fool with. Sending good vibes your way.

DLM said...

Hah. Well, I can't mobilize even to my own kitchen - which is going to make for a filthy pigsty of a house, given that I chose not to do housekeeping last weekend because I wanted to concentrate on reading and our meeting. Bleah!! So it may be a long time between dustings in this joint.

I'm okay, but this is a seriously painful thing. Mom chided me about going to work in the morning, but fortunately I don't so much go in on Saturdays ...

Leila said...

Let us know if you need anything. Seriously. I'll even come over and dust for you. :)

DLM said...

You're extremely generous, hon. I appreciate it so much. I've got everyone I know on the trail to find a cane; one friend actually has a walker. Something has got to give ...

However, the dusting JUST is not that important to me! Hee.