Saturday, October 13, 2012


The housecleaning is almost done, and it'll be time for a bath pretty soon!  In two hours, I'll be adopting Pen, and she'll be home tonight.  I've had a little "pre-wedding jitters" - worrying I won't be the best mom for her, soberness in the face of taking the commitment for a little sweetheart's life - but the light of day often cures the frets of wee-hours insomnia.

... and such light we have today.  It's the kind of day my dad always greeted with a deep intake of breath, and either the joyous description of "glorious!" or "dazzling."  Actually, glorious was probably more his word.  But *I* think it's pretty dazzling.  That lightly cool, clear, bright and beautiful October gorgeousness this region produces in the most special, verdant, rich and fire-limned way.

It is a fine day to bring home a new girl.


Ten years ago this month, I welcomed Siddy to this house, to my hearth, to *her* home.  She had a certain canine elegance; she was a beautiful, funny, deeply soft girl.  Penelope has such juvenile *cuteness* - such wonderful goofy ears, such a bouncy-jouncy tail.

But both of them have a "soulful" gaze - the number of people who've said that to me, in separate contexts, does strike me.   Everyone who knew her sees Siddy in Penelope's big brown eyes.

I miss my old baby girl.

I'm excited to fall in love with the new liddle-liddle pup.

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