Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home, Sweety Home

Pen is here.  Goss is following her, but not all that closely - and I do believe Penelope is afraid to (literally) cross her.  Not slavering in fear, but I sense a submission there to the previous pet.  Goss has hissed, and had his tail up, but his claws are not out when I pick him up and he's not struggling either.  They're actually pretty quiet in relation to each other.

Penelope's had a long day already; she fell asleep in the store while her tag was being laser engraved.  She got a little wetly excited going away from her handler and being in my car, but she's also already been a good girl in the yard, too.  She's listening to "sit" and "down" very nicely, and may understand "back" too.

I'm staying low key and paying attention to all and sundry so there are no more anxieties than the strange situation brings.  The house is silent but for keystrokes on the laptop.

Penelope's home.

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