Monday, October 1, 2012


Gossy's voice has gotten bigger as he has, but he's not a very vocal little guy.  But today he was yerping away for a few minutes, playing in his new paper grocery bag in the kitchen.  "Yerrrrrrrrrr!"

He was purrboxing AND mee-ing at me just now, doing nothing more particular than being particularly my Gossa-monster.  And he made me laugh.

I'm grateful for this little boy.  So grateful he picked me out.

Apparently, this is the 1400th post on this blog.  Not one of exceptional moment, I guess.  But I couldn't add old ones in the timeline to make the "I finished my revisions" one 1400 - and even *I* am not quite that far gone with numerical significance.

Okay, yes I am.  So light a candle, and remember this moment.  Because I will probably forget it.

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