Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Observation From X


X:  Cricket is cute and looks like there's some personality there, but Penelope definitely reminds me of Sid.  If that's a good thing, I think you have a winner right there... assuming Goss can deal with it!

D:  The pics mom got of P are way cuter even than the ones online, but that middle one of her really Sids me out.  I don’t know if it’s stupid of me to chase the similarities, but they *are* there and (though I really think not because of that per se) she was the first dog I had any actual feeling for.  The things I liked actually were the differences - instead of that groove down the middle of her skull, Penelope has a bit of a lump right there (hee).  Her ears are completely unlike Sid’s, but so funny and cute.  As I said at the stands “I don’t seem to adopt dogs, I adopt ears.”  And her coat is all one pretty color, no white, no spots - and the tail is SO different - super curly.  She’s a goofy looking kid, this puppy, but pretty cute.  And still pick-up-able, even.  Though that will NOT last long.  She’s not a scoop like the Goss man.

X:  I don't think there is anything wrong with seeing or wanting something of Sid in a new dog. If anything it probably just shows consistency in what you are looking for.
You do like the dogs that are a workout for you size-wise!

D:  Hee - Penelope was clearly a little bit of a tugger, but they always have collars rather than harnesses on at these events, and I swear ALL dogs tug when not wearing a harness it seems like.  Of course, Penelope isn’t big enough to have serious effect when she tugs me, but it was certainly familiar.  As was the “I’ma wrap myself around your ankles and calves three times!” maneuver ...  :)

X:  She (or a dog like her) a tugger, is what you need. I think you actually, on some level, liked Sid having the physical power to be difficult. Like the fact that she was strong but still loved you and needed you so much. “I scareda thunder Mom!”

D:  Hee.  I never thought about that, but there may be a certain personality there, yeah.  I got the call today from the rescue itself, the application apparently is fine.  I didn’t ask about how many people may have applied for either one of these dogs, but the foster moms for each one are supposed to call me.

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