Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fresh Canine Hell

The idea of adopting an adult dog not having panned out precisely, I've been learning the optimism of canine foster moms ("almost there" with housebreaking) and the brave, entirely new world of a dog with some anxiety issues.  As a kid, the dogs in our family were (a) outside and (b) perfectly trained.  "B" happens to have been a little cocker-poo named Lucy, and she got walked almost constantly.  Learning to go outside for "tee-tee" was a matter of pretty short order for that girl, and I got a lot of exercise squiring her around.  Cute puppies and fourteen-year-old girls make a good combination, house-training-wise.

I haven't been a 14-year-old girl in thirty years now.  And I'm not home as many hours, to walk my Penelope.  So every day when I come home, there is elimination somewhere.  I'd often see it on (or at least near) the puppy pads - but this week, that seems to be on the wane.  Today, indeed, I came home to find her newest obsession.

She shreds mail.  So far, the major piece of that of any importance (well, that I know about/can identify) is my bank statement.  But cleaning up after The ValPak Incident yesterday wasn't a stack of giggles.  She also goes for innocent pillows.  For most of this week, every pillow and loose cushion in the house has been in my bedroom.  This sets my teeth on edge; I may not be perpetually clean, but *tidiness* is a minimum value for me usually.

Today's special, though - was so special.  Pen shredded her puppy pads.  For anyone who doesn't know what these are, they're the training option of choice these days - think, big square mini-pad - an absorbent, plastic-backed guard for your floors or carpets.

The good news is, she had not USED them before gnawing them to flinders across house and home.

The bad news is - her crate is still poking around in Tennessee, based on eBay's tracking widget.

Tonight, we took a really good walk (she is training on her leash SUPER well, and very quickly).  In celebration, she came inside, harassed the cat a little, enjoyed a treat for being such a Good Girl - and pooped in my somewhat disused office.

She's been peeing in there rather a lot, too.

It's a good thing a 5' x 8' sisal rug is about $40.

*Le Sigh*


Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer in crate training so I hope you have the crate by now. Our dogs loved their crates. We left them open when we were here and both babies would seek solitude in them. We never used them as time out devices and took them with us when we traveled. I enjoyed reading about your fostering experiences. Keep up the good work.....akatrekker

DLM said...

Hi, AKA! Good to see you here. :)

I should clarify, I'm Penelope's forever mom, it was just that her foster *told* me she was "almost there" with her training. So you'll get to read about Pen for a LONG time to come - and Gossamer the kitten, too. And there will be more tonight, too. Stay tuned ...

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.