Monday, October 22, 2012

Today Was My Weekend ...

... and I had this idea I would use it to some sort of purpose - but, apart from thinking of interview questions and a little less than substantive blogging, I've actually relaxed and done close to nothing.  Woke up with a pretty acute headache, and had no real chores to manage or errands to run, so I've stayed close to home, taken care of the babies, and kept work to a minimum.  Perfect way to do it, if you don't really have a weekend at your disposal!

I'm not sending my query yet, because I think I want to get the interview questions off close to the same time as the partial, though under separate covers.  There *is* a nice stack of new queries to research, one out at the moment, and some previously-queried agents I want to re-research and maybe look back at my email archives to remember more clearly.  There were several in there I think it's worth hitting up again.

It's getting late, so time to shut down soon and go upstairs for bed.  The work week will be three and a half days, but fortunately the bosses are both doing conferences themselves for a portion of that.  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to be able to set my own priorities; after that, we'll see.  I'm sure there'll be fire drills to manage, though.  Here's hoping I'm ready!

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