Friday, February 27, 2015


“I remember when I had my first beer”, “I remember when I invented feminism”, “My diet is morally superior to your diet” and other stories of baffling enragement. The “standing desk” link is a great impression of the psychotic/proseletyzing vim and fervor people insist upon applying to their own choices. The diet link doesn’t say anything I haven’t pointed out before, but is very, VERY well written. Like, I have a little bit of a crush on the author well-written. Also he’s smurt. So go kill a mammoth, have a snack, and enjoy the read. But do it standing up.

Louisa Young takes us on an absolutely wonderful journey into the joys of research at The History Girls, starting with the charming portrait of a little girl and her cat ... and ending with a couple more very like her, and some winsome surprises along the way.

Lauren at American Duchess once again wows us with shoe designs of the early 20th century - the first pair are stunning. The third pair I crave.

Jeff Sypeck asks, “Dante? I’ve never grasped what Americans hope to do with him—maybe because the answer turns out to be 'everything.'”

The Arrant Pedant (ahh, how I love a new post at The AP) discusses Fifty Shades of Bad Grammar Advice. Awesomely. And, in case you're leery of (a) reading anything whatever to do with the Fifty Shades novels or (b) sick of reading snark *about* the novels, this post really doesn't touch (hee) those to speak of, but takes the discussion beyond. As, apparently, Grammerly did in dispensing poor advice about writers from Shakespeare to Hemingway whom they have deemed to employ substandard grammar.

Finally, in a self-referential link, someone finally commented on my post about a particular peculiar behavior of my dear little ur-doggy; it looks like it may be that this *is* a Carolina Dog thing.


Anonymous said...

I just read up on Carolina dogs...I had no idea what you were talking about (and I profess to know dogs) and what a fascinating read that was! I ended up out on Wikipedia and Penelope is certainly a very special dog.

I was reading some of the Wiki stuff out loud to my husband and he said, "I wonder where she got her?" I said I'd ask. :)

DLM said...

Penelope appeared at an adoption stand labeled a "lab mix" (the supposed breed assigned to all adoption candidates that are not obviously cats). She was just a little noodle then - her body has beefed up very significantly! - and I was lucky; she walked right off with me, basically. Well, after the background check and so on.

So it wasn't a special thing where I went hunting for her - and, indeed, finding out her background was an accident:

But I've been fascinated ever since. Carolinas are an interesting lot, and the idea that in fact I have a breed of dog which is no breed at all - but a dog as dogs are without human influences emphasizing certain looks or traits - excites me.

She's a wonderful girl, snoozing near my toes, and I'm so grateful she let me bring her home. As to Gossamer's vote - he'd probably prefer nobody thought he digs her the mostest. :)