Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

My neck of the woods has been south of the many storms buffeting the northeastern coast of the US since the new year, but yesterday we caught in the middle and today I am working from home, which comprises somewhat more than just my job. Between following up on data analysis for possible negotiation of vendor services for a contract, and communications across our business lines to update several owners and executives on collaborative tools, I've been doing a little hand laundering, put away some clean items, and have pulled out a few mending projects that need to be taken care of. That cranberry turtleneck would be a good sweater to have right now ... !

The snow needs to be shoveled, but the sun is out, and I am all too aware the snow will still need shoveling later on. So I haven't done it yet. It's not even eleven, it'll keep.

On a day like this (or like this), the WFH option is good, because I can still be productive - and I can enjoy this office, so conducive to productivity - and still shake out the cobwebs by working in a completely different environment. The commute is a dream, of course - and I won't complain about being able to sleep in past SEVEN (oh, the decadence!) and wear comfy clothes/no makeup. As a day-to-day thing, it's far and away the best to be able to work at my office, but it's a mighty fine thing for safety and efficiency that laptops have come to replace desktops, and people don't HAVE to be there to get things done.

Even if, parallel to the things I'm paid for, a couple of things include laundry.

And snow-shoveling ...

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Colin Smith said...

I'm WFH today too, which is good. Ours wasn't so much a snow event as a "wintery mix"--snow/sleet/freezing rain. No-one wants to drive on that, so a number of places have closed for the day. My job is pretty mobile as it is--as long as I have my laptop and a secure Internet connection, I can work. But it is good to share office space, talk face to face with colleagues, etc., so I don't mind going in to work every day. But we're closed, so I'm doing my thing at home.

The snow will melt eventually. Have a mug of hot chocolate. :)

Keep safe and warm, Diane!