Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Jeff Sypeck at Quid plura has several very good shots (and some thoughts and stories about them) taken with the fascinating limitations of a Polaroid Land Camera. The images comprise a really interesting variety, and are beautiful - well worth the click - so enjoy!

Woe is not to me, the Arrant Pedant has a great new post explaining cases, datives, and this wonderful phrase. Read and learn.

Personally? I think American Duchess is wrong, that their new flats aren't quite the modern thing. More options to consider.

Madame Isis once again provides excellent information about authentic eighteenth-century hair styling - and she has some truly lovely candlelit photos of herself modeling some very pretty curls. (She also gives away a secret I've known for many years - long hair does not need to be washed every single day ... even for us modern constant-washers!)

Tom Williams on researching a novel after the fact. I need to do some of that!

And, finally, just because this pic is so good my dear Cute Shoes said it looked professional:

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