Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Anyone who read my earlier post from today would be forgiven for thinking I am in a less than peppy state of mind. The truth is, I'm not feeling as morbid as it might seem; the headline says, "I contain multitudes" and that's no lie.

Yet there seems to be a confluence of sorrow; perhaps the predictable result of the ruthless weather so many across America are enduring. And so, here we go - click on any of these links if you're PMS'ing pretty good and need a cry. Or just if you are curious, 'what made Diane misty today?'

Donna Everhart actually beat me to it by some days, with a useful discussion of writing as a way to channel fear and loss. Her blog is, by the way, an example of the increasing pleasure I take in following people and sites where "don't read the comments" happens to be BAD advice for a change.

Leila Gaskin takes the same topic as mine above and treats it with far more brevity - and poetry. We share the date in this, we two. Sigh.

Finally, Susan Bonifant reminds us - with a truly vivid story - "We were all five-year-olds" ...


Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on your blog and saw this! Awww! Thank you for thinking it was worthy of sharing. That means a lot.

Okay, now back to reading your other posts. Gotta go on a run first, but then I've seen at least THREE others I want to read/comment on. Back shortly!

DLM said...

You might want to hold off on reading the one called "effed" for a while. That one came away with a lot of flesh.