Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last Day

Last Monday was the final day on my previous employment, and tomorrow will be the first with the new.  In many ways, it feels less than "quite real" - but, for me, since changing jobs every three years or less is sadly a habit, perhaps it's just not as big a deal for me as it might be for many.  I don't get scared about new gigs, but it's also harder to get the excitement really deep in my bones either.  I'm *happy*, make no mistake, and anticipating the new relationships and setting down whatever it is that passes for professional roots for me, but there is perhaps a lack of butterflies going strong in my belly.

All to the good, really - it means I can get a good night's sleep before embarking once again.

Last time I started a new job, I'd been out of work for about three months, and considered that a terrible imposition.  I was lucky - and knew it - but selfishness never quite answers to what we know, and I considered myself entitled to a good job.  In the week before I started it, I decided it was time to paint my kitchen.  (Idiot.)

This time, I treated six days of joblessness as a vacation (I haven't had a "real" one of those in two and a half years), and have enjoyed myself very much.  There hasn't been as much progress as perhaps I'd like/there should have been on the revisions, but I finished Christmas shopping and got the house decorated.  Tonight after I vacuum, the house will be all nice and ready for a fresh new week.  Gossamer and Penelope have gotten lots of yummy attention, and I've spent time with friends and my mom and stepfather.

This inter-jobness may not see a beautiful new kitchen, but the vacation has been restorative (of everything but my back, which is another post altogether) and some good accomplishments have been taken care of.

As to my back, well, we'll see what an NSAID or two and perhaps the heating pad can accomplish there ... and hope that my new desk chair has a stiff back and lumbar support ...

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