Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yesterday was my final day at the job I've spent three years loving and learning, and I am taking a few days off.  The new job will begin on Monday.

Though I've taken bits and bobs here and there, and my friend Zuba came to visit for Thanksgiving, I haven't had a "real vacation" (as we Americans like to put it) for something like two and a half years.  Though I'm not traveling to see my family on the West coast, nor taking a small fantasy respite in Savannah or the like, this will be the closest thing I'll get for some time.

My lunch date fell through today, and I'm fine with staying home to do laundry and work on revisions.  It's a nasty day out again (we've had a few, and though it's not cold, every driver in this city turns moron at the merest hint of rain, so not getting out amongst them has its charm), and I'm running perilously low on spare towels.  It's one of those days I'd sit in the office thinking how nice it'd be if I could be home, perhaps reading or getting things done.

I feel an almost guilty bliss:  I get to do that today.  *Off for the first load of clothes!*

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