Saturday, December 28, 2013


There's this guy I know, a genuine actual archaeologist, whom I've linked here before.  Not as often as I share with y'all about shiny (and, indeed, very very deteriorated indeed) swords, and art, and cavemen, and - endlessly - British royals.  But he makes up a part of the archaeological posts around here from time to time.

He made a point, recently, that artifacts don't actually comprise the entire focus of the discipline - and it's a good point to share.  As often as I chase sexy little stories about THINGS and STUFF, it's a mistake to get wrapped up in them and, well, miss the forest for the trees.  So here's an interesting post looking at dirt and depositional history.  We often fail to think about how the ground beneath our feet is affected by human habitation, but it tells detailed and important stories.  Stories of Olympians of yore ...

Long after we are extinct, the stratigraphic sciences will find the evidence we left behind.

I do love a good story.  (I also like learning new words, like gleyed, which is perfectly delicious.)

Mmmm, now I should see whether I can find a good story to link, about dendrochronological analysis.  I love dendrochronological analysis; it also tells stories layer by layer.  Layers are OSUM.

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