Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bowie Songs

The Bowie song on my mind right now is "Five Years" ("what a surprise!").  I got a nasty surprise five years ago tonight, but observed more than once in the months that followed that 2009 ended up being a better year than it had a right to be.  Why it seemed so is lost to me now, but I do recall the gratitude well enough.

2013 was stressful, but not exceptionally painful, and it certainly seems to be ending on a number of bright, clear high notes indeed.  I'm finally allowing myself the Shiny New Job excitement I've held off on through the process, through a certain trepidation about being too easily exciteable, through a period of not wanting to look too happy to leave the old gig.  But leave it I did.  And this week and next should really get me in amongst my new team, which is a good prospect right now.

I'm also excited about The Ax and the Vase, and its prospects for 2014.  I feel educated enough, now, about the unpublished authorial process to believe this revision has been the final one.  Next step is agenting, and after that the hope and process of selling it.

And writing the next novel.

For now, the house is tidy, the Christmas decorations are down (tonight seemed the night to distract myself from five-year anniversary thoughts, and to get ahead of the plan to spend New Year's Eve just on regular cleaning, to start the year off right), and I am comfortably ensconsed on a nice couch with a nice dog next to me.  It's a cozy place.  A cheering one, as X once described it.

May you all have good cheer to start the next new year.  I'll ring it in with friends, and am excited about that too.  Cheers to you all - and some auld lang syne to go with the hope and anticipation of a whole new year ...

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