Monday, July 22, 2013

A Collection of Great Links for Your Perusal and Enjoyment

Personal glee and HUGE FELICITATIONS to Leila Gaskin on her forthcoming heir - I can't care much about royal nativity, but this has me excited!  Top hats all 'round for us SBC'ers, we are all behind Leila.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kim Rendfield on The Ashes of Heaven's Pillar, coming soon!

And one more WAY TO GO, for Sharon Robards, on the success of A Woman Transported.

Women in mourning - a fascinating look at how Regency women were allowed to mourn, and the expectations of society as to their delicacy.

Four Magna Cartas together for the first time ... Jay-Z not included ...  Perhaps he's the backup copy.  Ahem.

Leicester Cathedral designs a tomb it may not have the right to populate, just yet.  Richard's got to go somewhere, and apparently it's not just the Ricardians who want it to be nice digs.

A queasily fascinating image:  the Nasothek in Copenhagen.  Did you know that the punishment of nasal amputation was reserved mostly for women?  For the art lovers, there's an interesting bit about Michelangelo.  For the scientists:  Tycho Brahe.  Of course.

Paris in 1939 and in images so dazzlingly crisp they are all the lovelier for capturing the ephemerality of a city over seventy years ago.  Tour Clovis is nowhere to be seen, but these are still arresting photographs.

Gordon Doherty interviews Daniel F. Bowman, author of Alaric:  Child of the Goths.  How I failed to see this post in May, I do not know, but my apologies - and better late than never ... I hope.

D. L. Thurston as an unpublished author burning bridges publicly, a good read and a short one at that.

Loving to hate Dead Poets Society - and a good look at one of its major literary flaws - with Jeff Sypek.