Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Good Things Done

At last, I have gotten the interview for Elizabeth Chadwick put together, and reached out to Day Al-Mohamed about writing for Unleaded.  Editing is still going well, and I have to say I quite like the last post I put up.

Work isn't going badly either, right now, and with August's final approach, the weather is still lacking for 100+ temps and years-long droughts.  I don't miss those one bit.  The leaves are already debuting a few late season changes, and the mornings have been something approaching what could be called cool.  I've even put off ten pounds; that's still a good thirty more than I was carrying a year ago in springtime, but the direction is at least preferable to me.

There are some significant stressors, but at least right now, at least today, I am managing them without turning into a beaten dog.

Life could be worse.  I'm guardedly, but honestly, grateful.

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