Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New Collection

Agricultural aphrodisiacs:  randy candy.  Of course it's from a root.  Also, you'll never look at orchids the same again, and who'da thunk a plant called lovage might be an aphrodisiac?  Click through if you want more for the list - or a few antidotes!

Elizabeth Chadwick on medieval sweeteners - yum!

AUGUST 27, AUGUST 27, AUGUST 27 y'all!!!  Get a load of Leila's gorgeous cover design across the top of her page!

Ben Kane reveals his favorite histfic - take a look and find something to enjoy!

Historical Fiction Research gives us Many Many Medici - which, even if I didn't get a kick out of it for that headline alone, includes many tasty portraits, and who doesn't love a good portrait?

Anyone who thinks taxation is out of hand in the United States today hasn't seen anything yet.  If they tried to tax my dog, I might go start building a compound on a prairie somewhere myself.

Anthony Riches makes me feel confident all over again, discussing how long it can take to reach publication.  The stories of how our stories are born are endlessly fascinating - and the ways we learn to manage the difficulties of publishing are instructive.

I'm bummed to have missed a Day Al-Mohamed reading at Balticon, but here we have a consolation post with some good advice *on* readings.

And, finally ... obligatory "women" characters (who are just called Susie instead of Sam, but are nothing more than a market mechanism).  Have you checked off that ... erm, box ... ?

Question for my regular readers:  Do you like these "collection" posts?  Should I continue, or no?

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