Friday, March 26, 2010


Walking out of the office today, one of my directors was asking about the novel and we got to talking about readings/reading it out loud. He said he found authors reading their works fascinating, and I told him how I'd read the first three chapters fully before submitting them - and, to be sure, many of my scenes I've read this way for their rhythm.

It got me to thinking about audio books - specifically, about being an author and reading my own work. This particular novel being what it is, I'm very curious, suddenly, whether my reading it would "fly".

I actually have a good deal of theater training (in my past), and no small amount of interest in the possibility. For years, I wanted to record books for the deaf; had a friend who did it, and he never quite got me hooked up. Some time back, my brother and I amusingly discovered our mutual dream of becoming voiceover artists. Many times, opportunities have come flirting - and, when I knew some guys in radio, small stuff actually came up, just a few times.

I have, to be sure, an extremely excellent voice, I am told (and assure myself, of course). One friend once memorably complimented me as having a voice "like brownies baking", which may actually sound a little more precious than my speech actually is, but is understood and very much appreciated. I've cultivated it, of course, but from a pretty early age I understand I had something to work with (as does my brother, too). I was in my mid-twenties when I began consciously slowing it down, lowering it, modulating in a very particular way. And, verbally, I am a little bit of a chameleon.

But, at the end of the day, even the best woman's voice is a *woman's* voice - and the novel I've written is decidedly muscular stuff. Headily masculine, the more I read it (hi, Kent Dixon! I think I've practiced enough now!). I don't know whether MALE readers - listeners - would go for a feminine reading, even if that reading is by the author who made this stuff.

I think to myself, well, I've actually set up one plank of my marketing and queries to address the simple reality that a reasonably attractive woman author could actually be a selling point worth exploiting for the novel itself. So why not extend that into the product range, include it in the audio book?

(Always assuming there will be one ...)

I think to myself, DARN IT, THIS IS MINE ANYWAY - heh.

I do wonder, though, how distracting that would be - most specifically for men (I really don't think women wig out about gender stuff of this variety so easily) - to be told a tale of warriors and conquest by a particularly expressive, strong (heh - courageous) woman's voice.

And, oh yes: comments, emails, and any feedback is *definitely* welcome, in response to this post.

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