Friday, March 5, 2010

Jozey: NO

(No limit on points for the subject line reference on this one, because in five more minutes I probably wouldn't be able to justify/understand/translate it myself.)

I cut bangs again today. INSTANTLY was so happy. I'd actually gotten a haircut two weeks ago, on another one of these days I can't discuss right now, on this page, but which was itself yet again interesting/stressful(/good)/important. I left feeling the stylist could have done more layering around my face, so I went back today for a bit of a touch up - and, before I went, I thickened up my bangs.

She actually asked me, at the first cut, if I'd thought about adding to the existing wisp of fringe, and I demurred, because people trying to look like Bettie Page - and people comparing me to her, even when I'm very definitely not trying to look like her (and despite my actual lack of resemblance to her) - kind of tire me out.

But the fact remains: I have a lot of face happening. I won't go so far as to call myself moon-faced, because actually it's pretty squared-off - but that's the main reason why. The facts of my weight, age, and good side (sadly, opposite my much larger, rounder, and mushier side - which is of COURSE on my cowlick side, darnit, rendering it generally more exposed) pretty much render me exactly that thing I have long hated in the many men I find it baffling I am expected by our culture - *erm* ... Hollywood - to find "attractive": I am a meat-faced person. And it's a fairly pale face, with dark hair around it, so it can kind of shine forth like a celestial gob of ice-cold rock.

I mean, let's not pretend my vanity's evaporated. Part of the reason I know as pathetically much as I do about having a good side, and the effect of light on fair skin amplifying the *amount* of skin one perceives as showing, is the nerdly obsession of conceit.

But it's a whole lotta face, and, as stated, it's a square face, and bottom-heavy (thanks grandma), and my coloring emphasizes the sheer area on display, the acreage of FACE.

So bangs help curtain off unecessary backstage areas. Foreheads are negligible real estate. They can be foregone, if ya wanna. So: bangs. And another trip to the stylist, to get those layers cut in, so there's what we hair dorks refer to as "movement" around the face. Texture, shape, volume, too.

Good lordy me.

This is a lotta post.

I already know who's rolling his eyes. Heh. Hey, it's not like neither of us knew. So the post stands. *Dork dork dorking away ...*

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