Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20

Back in December, my brother and I were on the phone, and he asked me whether I was going to take off work on January 20. I thought about it, but really right now the place for me to be is here. There have been some protests locally - and, indeed, I am not so far from DC I could not have trekked up there to join the Women's March - but my job, I hope, has nothing to do with politics. I LOVE my job. And today, it kept me ... well, to use a political term ... occupied.

There's nothing to protest, with my work. When I was a public servant, really - probably even LESS. It might have meant more still than it does here, to man my post, to soldier on.

So, to take off today would only have been taking a day off, and I would not have been with any of my friends, DOING something in the world. Napping with Gossamer behind my knees while Pum snoozes and snores beside us on the floor is not the world's most efficacious piece of activism.

And so I worked.

I worked a LOT, in fact. It was a highly productive day. I reviewed my team's expenses, tweaked only a very few notes, signed off they were ready for approval. I got one of my dreaded piles of notices out, shipped a package for my boss, rescheduled one item, added another, generally spent the day kicking asparagus and taking names.

When, around 12:30, I heard the sound of the national anthem coming from a nearby office, I knew what it was, and just put in my earbuds for a while. RuPaul, of course, and a few of the Drag Racers.

By accident, the new sweater I chose to wear today with my poo-kickin' boots and comfortable, flattering pants happens to be perfect, primary, royal blue. All entendres intended, sure. I decided it is Hillary Blue. Bless her, I was late to be With Her, but my loyalty's confirmed.

So much of today's productivity came early on in the day. It seemed a VERY long work day, and that even knowing I would leave by 3:00 or 3:30 to make a supply run.

Emotionally, I have been neutral - numb, probably. But gratitude is something more than an emotion.

I immersed myself in my blessings today - one of the greatest being my living.

I love my job.

How did you spend Inauguration Day?


Lilac Shoshani said...

Good for you for deciding that the royal blue you happened to wear yesterday was for Hillary.
I believe in seemingly small acts. They can prove powerful in the long run.
And good for you for immersing yourself in blessings yesterday. I hope you'll do it each and every day…I stand by you, my friend!

DLM said...

Thank you so much, Lilac. Sometimes the "small" things mean the most.

One of my friends is someone I often refer to as Deliciously Intemperate. She is passionate and glorious, and beautiful inwardly and out.

She's at the March today, in DC. And she has my name in her pocket, so I can be with her.

I am home, and deeply in worship. I consider housecleaning to be an act of stewardship to the physical blessings G-d has given me, and a way to remember and give thanksgiving for those which are less concrete. The guest room is transforming, laundry will be in progress soon - more things are finally going into my recently waterproofed and cleaned up basement. Much love is being showered on Penelope and Gossamer.

Practicing gratitude. Standing together.