Tuesday, January 10, 2017


An uplifting story about a racist incident? Yes, when law enforcement and the mayor back a mother and her family victimized by hate speech. And also yes: the franchise owner has been terminated by Dairy Queen.

“There are, like, 100 pages.”
“I’m deleting Instagram,” 13-year-old Alex said, “because it’s weird.”

Another positive one - the lawyer who rewrote Instagram's Terms of Use in plain English for real users to really understand. I suspect she's way ahead of me here, but this one made me think of Dena Pawling. Also: did YOU know Insta can read your DMs? Yikes.

The other hidden Figures ... his name was Thomas, and he was Assistant US Attorney in Alabama.

It's policy on this blog not to steal images, but this image is simply too important to ask people to bother to click to, and I hope that sharing it here is fair use.

For significantly more, and what this image means, NOW click through. Can Americans even build coalitions anymore?

As obsessed as I am with pattern welded steel swords, it's impossible not to give a nod to The History Blog's look at and links to the even more ancient *bronze* sword unearthed in China - still shining and polished after 2,300 years.


Lilac Shoshani said...

All of us, no matter our race, should fight against any form of racism as Deianeira Ford and the Zion police did. And social media--when it's well used--can be an amazing tool to change the world for the better.

DLM said...

Right now, I'm active online for causes (have set up recurring donations to three things I believe in), but I'm also looking for opportunities in the real world. You participate in the world as a great positive force; we all should live up to the standard of kindness to one another, of not ignoring one another.