Sunday, January 29, 2017

Church Today

Verse Three ...

For sins of heedless word and deed, for pride ambitious to succeed, for crafty trade and subtle snare to catch the simple unaware, for lives bereft of purpose high, forgive, forgive, O Lord, we cry.

One of the great lessons of Jesus is "Do not fear." It is one of the most oft-reinforced exhortations from Christ,  the words perhaps varying, but the message essential to the nature of Christianity itself.

One of the things many fail to notice, if they even notice this theme at all, is that there is no implication that there is nothing TO fear.

This is what it means when it is said that religion is a comfort.

Today, I realized these things, and I also asked myself, "In the void where fear might have been - what are we to do instead?"



Lennon Faris said...

Interesting post (hi, Diane!). I might also add to the last word, "Love." Perfect love drives out all fear, I remember reading somewhere in that big ol' Book :)

DLM said...

Well, I love my country. :)

Come to think of it, love is a major factor in getting me off my patootie to act.


Lilac Shoshani said...

As a Jew (and a Libra ;-)), what I appreciate so much about Jesus is that he taught love. I find it so inspiring. I like to ask myself in the face of challenges: "What would love do?" I think it's from the Course of Miracles, but I'm not sure.