Thursday, October 20, 2016


Am I the only Blogger user who's getting MASSES of bot traffic - now not from Russia or Korea, but from the US? On Macs? Every two hours almost on the hour, every day for over a month, there are 32-38 hits all in one go.

The problem with domestic bot-ification is that I've lost all sense of any actual readership (down, I know, of late; I haven't been linking my posts on Twitter, and my content isn't what it could be).

So, as shamelessly shill-ful as it is to beg for comments: who else is getting this sort of bot-ery?


TCW said...

I do occasionally. I usually assume that it's bots, maybe with malicious intent, but I don't know. Once I got a great spike, but this was associated with an uplift in readership of old posts about India and the Mutiny/War of Independence, so there is at least a chance that somewhere somebody was set a school project and they and their friends were cribbing my Mutiny stuff. Who knows?

A friend who is a computer geek but who sells knitting patterns online says that her site is attacked (usually, I think, from Russia) on an almost daily basis, but unless you look for it you wouldn't even know it was happening.

DLM said...

I wouldn't mind the hits alone, but the spam comments do annoy. I guess what gets me is, how has spam EVER been effective? Ever? Is there a person in the world who's ever gone, "Oh goodness, I was just needing cigarettes under $5 or a Russian bride or a tumbler that would keep my drink cold for a week, thank heavens this comment appeared on this blog!"

And what IS with the obsession with tumblers and flashlights, with spam?

Ah well. Talk about non problems!