Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Always a sucker for a good sword-making article, I reveled in Tom Williams' latest post, looking at the combination of iron and carbon best calculated for "the whole cutting into your enemy and killing him bit." Pattern welded steel - the work of ages.

In "worst pink label EVER" news ... yes, it is true. Melania wore a pussy-bow blouse (why yes, of *course* it was PINK) to cap this weekend's sexual assault extravaganza. Sigh.

By the way. Is there ANYBODY left who doesn't understand the concept of rape culture?

In a much happier link: death! And taxes! Please click and enjoy a short story from Stephen G. Parks - and leave him some feedback, too, if you have any.

Teh Funnay! Also: because I needed MORE blogs to be addicted to. What it's like to be married to a writer. Pure reality gold, my friends.


John Davis Frain said...

Unfortunately, there's at least one person who can't seem to grasp the concept of rape culture. The real problem is that he's running for president. The good news is the final vote won't be close.

DLM said...

Hello, John! It is depressing but true how vast a swath of the population disbelieves - or just doesn't think bout it at all.

Your lips to G-d's ears on that final sentence ...