Thursday, January 15, 2015

Up a Crick

Today is one of those fun days I'm off work because the tiniest place in my neck is uppity enough that I can't drive safely, and therefore it's a sick day for me. Been paying bills and trying to be productive, though I don't have my work laptop at home with me. (I don't carry it home every day because - how often would I use the thing? not very - and because of the bad back and arthritic neck, of course.)

And so I am enjoying my great big desk, and contemplating doing some filing since tax season is upon us ... though filing does actually involve a bit of lifting and bending, so we'll see how that goes.

Just yet, I'm not in the mood for more query research, but with the Amazon gift card one of my managers gave me for Christmas, I *do* have three of the text I wanted for research on the WIP, from sellers I chose who had good used copies of each one. That might not involve so much lifting and so on!

There will definitely be a bit of grinning and petting, as I have for my caretakers two charming little fuzzy pals. They don't do massages, but somehow they take care of me nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Up a crick. You, with a crick in your neck, and me, with one in my back (going on years now) I am a complete Granny Googenheimer when I get out of bed first thing. Between my foot (plantar fasciitis and possible bone frx) and the back. It ain't pretty.

Hope the neck feels better soon! I read. Any news on the eleven queries out there?

DLM said...

The frustrating thing is that, as long as I'm sitting here at my spiffy desk, I'm not miserable at all - but I cannot TURN, so driving is an unsafe option. So home I sit.

My back is problematic as well (four car injurious accidents since I was twenty, and I used to have this habit of slipping and falling down stairs), and I've had plantar fasciitis, too. This being what it is, right now I'm just frustrated I can't go to work, or don't have my laptop so I can WFH.

I got a 5th rejection this morning, out of a total of 15 out there, so now we're down to 10 still out there. One dates to about Thanksgiving, but that agent specified 8-10 weeks for any reply, so ... idiot hope springs eternal.

It kills me I can get full requests out of some of the most spectacular agents I shoot at for fun, thinking they're wildly out of my league, but the ones I actually think are a real match have no use for what is, I honestly believe, good work and a GREAT story.

DLM said...

As for the plantar fasciitis: the best shoes I've ever had are two pair of Bare Traps boots. They've literally changed my life, I haven't dealt with that lulu of a horrible first step in the AM for a long time!

Anonymous said...

Bare Traps...I'll have to check that out. I've been wearing what were called Terox Sandals and the name has changed to Teflec - I think - and they've helped a LOT. (alot??? :) ) Still, I deal with it for those first few steps every a.m., then I'm good to go - can even run.

Okay, so, I popped back over here b/c I read your comment on JR's blog, and you sounded bummed. Those two rejections stung, I'm sure, but OMG - you've got a hundred more possibilities out there, plus ten still to wait on. Has anyone given you comments about the story as far as revising, or changing something? IDK. It's definitely a tough biz. Thick skinned or not, with so much time invested in something it's hard to get it.

Which makes me have to ask, have you started to write something new while you wait? I think on my blog you said you'd been working on this story for ten years...and I can't recall if you've written some other stuff. Maybe something new to get your mind off of the query process?

DLM said...

Thank you so much, Donna. I do have another one to work on, and this one has had excellent eyes on it this past year. My first revision I had no betas, and it took me forever and it was an awful experience, ending with ... my not really being finished. NOW, Ax is in beautiful shape, and it'll come. But having no partner and a full time job - yeah, I haven't exactly gone at this process at top speed. :)

Thank you ALOT for coming by. Did you see Jessica at BookEnds' comment recently that she and Janet have a back-and-forth going and she's enjoying it? I believe there's a whole community there, gelling. Grateful I get to play in that sandbox. It really does help!