Monday, October 3, 2016


Random thought: how about … never trust anyone (man or otherwise) who decides anyone (woman or otherwise) must not be TRUSTED on the basis of any aspect of their personal tastes?

Let it be said: The Telegraph is not my favorite UK paper. But they have a couple good links now and then.

First, their list of 30 great opening lines from literature . It's a nice breadth of recent centuries and authors. To read them all at once makes for interesting inspiration; even in a single sentence, the different novels take you to different places and introduce us to a variety of characters. Well worth the look, for my writer and reader readers!

Next, just this quote, though it's only one from a longer series. Anyone would know I'd agree with the sentiment, but in keeping with my Illusions of Recency posts, it's looking at the date on this one that'll either sober you up quick or reassure you somewhat about today.

Star Trek: Axanar and the legal aspects of copyrighting Klingon. What a fandom buzzkill, Paramount. Fan produced for *generations* (b’doom pssshhhhhhh) have been fun, hallowed, and even considered canon at times. So much for that thing where “CBS has a long history of accepting fan films” and “…realizes that we’re just making their brand that much better.”. Bummer. With thanks to Dena Pawling for pointing to the suit.


Jeff said...

Yeah, I cringe when people say things like, "Never trust anyone who doesn't drink." I drink only occasionally, because I grew up surrounded by elderly Polish alcoholics who inclined me to say exactly the opposite...

DLM said...

The never above resonates with me because a guy I know once thought he was paying me the highest compliment by sneering about how I don't need makeup. It was massively presumptuous, for one - and wildly sexist, akin to the old "smile" injunction placed upon women by strangers (and political commentators who think Hillary is problematic). It also missed the point. He said this to me in a bar on a night out, when I was dressed rather gothily and archly. The makeup wasn't some sort of self-effacing mask designed to make me pretty enough to like myself it was special effects for heaven's sake.

The human desire for self-decoration isn't always a product of the Horrible Beauty Industry duping us poor, stupid women into thinking we're not pretty enough. It goes back as far as humanity itself, and I happen to be one of those humans (it ain't just women) who like "dressing up" and I also like to vary what that means in unexpected ways. This is FUN for me.

The underlying presumption of the whole "you don't need makeup" makes my choices about the viewer - generally about a male viewer, who thinks he can do me a favor by relieving me of my efforts to please. Playing with makeup and costume pleases ME. Of the about two people in the whole world I actually do dress 'for' because I know they will notice and appreciate it and have a laugh with me about this or that, one is my friend Cute Shoes. Let it be said, she does not come at me with The Male Gaze. :)

For people to never trust any (insert category here) is the height of arrogance, and it is also stupid. The things people miss out on, eliminating entire categories of other human beings, are almost always the things that make life interesting.

Still. I'll buy you a cider if you ever come to another JRW conference! Or just a Coke. :) Thank you for coming by.