Saturday, September 17, 2016


204,444 page views, according to Blogger. (Which, by the way, tonight began SPAMMING my comments on really old posts ... am I the only one?)

Now, I know Bloggers stats are utter tripe, but I do love a nice line of four fours in a row. #FakeAccomplishments


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hello! I actually found you (and snooped around a bit) after googling your name because I suddenly thought of you and the internet makes it too easy to be nosy. You have a lovely home and I hope you are truly happy.

Christine from across the hall (North 1988)

DLM said...

Wow. You may not believe this, but not a week ago I was thinking of you!

I did some snooping in turn, and LOVE THIS POST
"magical hairdo and symbolic dress."

You are as funny and bum-kicking as I remembered you. What fun, that you snooped around - thank you for coming by!