Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Washington, DC's public library system is sponsoring a banned book scavenger hunt, and if you find one, it's yours. How. Splendid. Is that? #UncensoredDC

"(A)n indescribable alchemy of kindness and intimidation" puts it so well - on what it's like to guest on RuPaul's Drag Race, and the ineffable ness of his presence. Oh so very yes.

Quite a few of my JRW friends are represented in River City Secrets: Stories From Richmond. Here is an anthology I look forward to sampling and savoring!

I am, as usual, grateful and impressed with the community of Reiders at Janet Reid's blog. Today, we discussed trigger warnings, sensitivity, thought ... and even feelings. The one place on Teh Intarwebs where reading the comments is a GOOD idea. (Extra bonus: I found this poem along the way, because I click on commenters' IDs. A lovely moment, captured ...)

John Davis Frain has an excellent collection of quotes for writers; Carl Sandburg's #9 on this list is a classic!

Here is another, from my recent reading of The Serpent's Tale, by Ariana Franklin:

“Oh, I have a high regard for hypocrisy,” the little nun said. “It pays lip service to an ideal which must, therefore, exist. … In its own way, it is a token of civilization. You don’t find hypocrisy among the beasts in the field.”

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