Sunday, September 25, 2016


Janet Reid is having another flash fiction contest, to win a copy of Donna Everhart's The Education of Dixie Dupree.

Per our Supreme Hostess, the rules:

               The usual rules apply:

               1. Write a story using 100 words or fewer.

               2. Use these words in the story:






So this is why I am up at this ungodly hour. I've been writing ...

"Eleven replies!"

Mom was frantic about the wedding. Cakes, invitations. She wasn't joyous, it was just her job to do, her attention to get, her show, her stress.

How had this become about her?

It became my way to prove her wrong. We’d have more than a pot to pee in.

But we couldn't even afford toilet paper. The last week before our first anniversary, dad drove 500 miles to help me move back home. OJ's slow chase on the TV. Rodney and I queerly relaxed. Dad wasn’t.

Hope crushes easy as a Dixie cup. We couldn’t afford those either.

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