Sunday, September 11, 2016


This travelogue by a gent I worked with, ummmm four or five jobs ago, gave me multiple giggles in a row. If you like limericks (even non-ribald ones), this post is for you. Glorious!

An interesting development in Sweden: a gender rating system for films. It appears to be pretty much a cis system - male and female representation, nothing beyond. But as a member of those privileged to be examined in this,  it is of great interest and a matter for hope that anyone's looking at all. (If you have the stomach for it, a click onward to the Seth McFarlane article is worth a couple minutes as well.)

The History Blog has a couple of good ones - here, telling us that CBS This Morning will be at the National Museum of African American History (not just open for a day, folks) tomorrow morning. And here, with the beautiful tribute to a Jewish woman in Egypt - a third century epitaph.

15. Because we will not forget.

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