Sunday, August 18, 2013

MY Body. Not Your Decor.

Our culture is loaded with things like this - The 9 Weirdest Facts About Boobs ...

The term "boobs" is, in this context, calculated to distance readers from the FACT that these body parts are attached to human beings (who, by the way, are indeed more than these appendages).  All but one of the "facts" cited are about men:  these "facts about boobs" in fact only involve women's breasts insofar as they affect and/or interest MEN (straight ones, of course - because gay men don't exist any more than women do).  The solitary fact about women indicates what suicidal morons we are if we get fake boobs.

Here is the news:  my body means more to me than its appeal to or its effect upon ANYBODY who doesn't live in it with me.  Men, women, wombats, brickbats.  You're not in here with me.  So you aren't invited to judge, fact-check, analyze without consent, nor consider my body like any sort of exhibit.  Period.

My breasts are NOT ABOUT YOU.

This.  Is what.  It is LIKE.  To be a woman.

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