Saturday, August 31, 2013


There's a reason Venice has its reputation for beauty.  Click here for vintage photos, if you're romantic about this city - a great variety, and so much beauty.  Passion of Former Days strikes again!

An interview with Elizabeth Chadwick I DID NOT DO ... because I suck and life is obnoxious, too.  "I know what I'm worth."  I wonder whether it's worth *her* time to waste more time on my belated interview.

Margaret Beaufort.  Hey, I gave credence to the shedunnit theory like twenty years ago, trend or no trend.

I did not even know there were egg globes, and here's one which may date to 1500.  It's got to be a task of extreme will and control to carve an egg.

Taking testing from the lab to your smart phone - a billion Lycurgus cups and nano sensor technology.  Woo.

Thinking about that phrase - "an heir and a spare" - and why it mattered so much.

Readers never have given any feedback/comments - should I keep doing these collection posts, or no ... ?  I want to know whether y'all like these.  It'd be lousy of me to publish useless flotsam at you!

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