Monday, August 19, 2013

Love and Market Boundaries

Tom Williams is sadly correct in a brief surmise about the limits of the market, as a reflection of the limits of our minds and hearts as consumers.  The bit about "Splash" is particularly depressing - but it is a worthwhile read.  So go read it, it'll only take a couple minutes.  I finally bought Cawnpore just to snub the damned market (and because I *am* interested - no matter how huge the TBR pile is!).


TCW said...

I hope you enjoy 'Cawnpore'. I'm not sure 'enjoy' is quite the right word, though. I was thinking of advertising it as guaranteed to make you cry.

DLM said...

I'm the sort who's able to enjoy a bit of bittersweet, so that sounds good. Thank you for coming by and for the comment!